Thursday, November 01, 2018

Brompton M2L w/extras - $1549

Here we have a 2018 Brompton M2L (medium height handlebars, 2 speed drive train, fenders) with a telescoping seat post (handy for taller riders and travelers) and front carrier block for Brompton's range of bags.  Also as part of the package is a Brompton T-Bag (their larger front bag, suitable for touring, shopping, or just general carrying) and a B&W International hard case for travel.  New, the whole package would be $1955 today, but now you can have the whole package for $1549!  Or, if you want just the bike, you can buy that for $1149, without the T-Bag or B&W case.  We are NOT selling the bag and case alone at this time.