Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hase Pino Allround Tandem - $3999

A bike we rarely if ever see on the used market!  The Pino is a very special tandem in that the "captain" pedals, steers, brakes and shifts from the back seat, and the "stoker" pedals in front in a recumbent seat.  What does that give you?  Well, both riders can see ahead, and communication is much easier between riders.  In addition, unlike a conventional tandem, the captain is well aware of how and what the stoker is doing at any moment.  Equipped with a freewheel mechanism that allows the stoker to take breaks from pedaling, it's a great bike for riders of different ability levels.  The Allround model includes fenders, rear cargo rack, and dynamo powered lighting system, and the seller is including the spiffy Arkel rear bag with the bike.  With a new price of around $6000, this one, in very good condition with low miles, is a great deal.